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SEP 2016



"Timber City" exhibition opens at the National Building Museum

The National Building Museum's exhibition on mass timber buildings in the United States features two projects by Gray Organschi Architecture: Common Ground High School and the Mill River Carousel Pavilion.  Alan Organschi served as an advisor to the exhibition during its inaugural debut at the Boston Society of Architects in 2014.

Timber City Exhibition at the National Building Museum


AUG 2016



Timber City studio work featured in Against the Grain, published by the Yale School of Architecture

Against the Grain features the work of three studios of the Louis I. Kahn Visiting Assistant Professors at Yale. Lisa Gray and Alan Organschi led the Fall 2014 Kahn studio “Timber City,” researching wood as a material for larger-scale projects for a site on New Haven’s working waterfront, with projects ranging from bridges to manufacturing facilities and multi-family housing. Edited by Jackie Kow and Nina Rappaport the book is designed by MGMT.design and is distributed by Actar D.

Against the Grain on Amazon


AUG 2016



Timber City at the 2016 World Conference on Timber Engineering

Alan Organschi and Andrew Ruff will be presenting "Timber City: Growing and Urban Carbon Sink with Glue, Screws, and Cellulose Fiber" at the 2016 World Conference on Timber Engineering in Vienna, Austria.  The paper also features contributions by Chadwick Dearing Oliver, Christopher Carbone, and Erik Herrmann.

2016 World Conference on Timber Engineering

Timber City: Growing and Urban Carbon Sink with Glue, Screws, and Cellulose Fiber


JUN 2016



Timber City featured at the 2016 Nordic Wood Building Forum in Espoo, Finland

Lisa Gray and Alan Organschi will present mass timber structures designed by Gray Organschi Architecture and the early results and future trajectory of the Timber City initiative.

Nordic Wood Building Forum


JUN 2016



Common Ground High School celebrates its grand opening

Common Ground High School- designed by Gray Organschi Architecture- held its official public and press opening on June 2, 2016.  Alan Organschi joined CGHS chief administrator Melissa Spear and New Haven mayor Toni Harp at the podium in discussing the new building on the high school's campus.

New Haven Register

New Haven Independent


MAY 2016



CBS Sunday Morning highlights Mass Timber construction in the United States

Projects from the USDA Tall Wood program, for which Alan Organschi served as a juror, were featured.

CBS Sunday Morning


MAR 2016



Timber City featured at the Yale Built Environment Symposium

Alan Organschi was invited to present the recent work of Timber City and to serve on a panel discussing the development of new policies capable of transforming the built environment.


OCT 2015



Timber City featured at Architectural Record's 2015 Innovation Conference

Alan Organschi was invited to deliver a lecture entitled "Building the Future City: Glues, Screws, and Cellulose Fiber," highlighting emerging mass timber technologies and the potential benefits of building future cities from wood.


SEP 2015



Common Ground High School featured as Mass Timber case study in Architectural Record

Joann Gonchar included Gray Organschi Architecture's design for Common Ground High School in "Timber Grows Up," a feature article in Architectural Record that highlights the most innovative mass timber architecture projects in the United States.

Architectural Record


AUG 2015



Common Ground High School featured on NBC News, WNPR, and the New Haven Register

GCommon Ground High School and its ongoing construction were recently featured in several news publications, including NBC CT and WNPR.  Alan Organschi spoke about Gray Organschi Architecture's role in developing the innovative timber structure and the building's sustainable design features.

NBC Connecticut

New Haven Register



JUL 2015



Mass timber high school under construction

Common Ground High School, located in New Haven, Connecticut, has broken ground on a new building designed by Gray Organschi Architecture.  Assembly of the timber superstructure and pre-fabricated envelope system is underway at Bensonwood's facility in New Hampshire.


APR 2015



Timber in the City: Design and Construction in Mass Timber published by ORO Editions

Alan Organschi was published in the book Timber in the City edited by Andrew Bernheimer and released this month. His essay "Timber City: Architectural Speculations in a Black Market" is featured in the book, as well as the Common Ground High School, a mass timber project designed by Gray Organschi Architecture.

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